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Thought I'd de-lurk myself. I have only recently figured out that I'm Asexual, but I have tried in the past I dated one guy in highschool, he dumped me because I wouldn't put out and didn't act like I was dating him, it took years for me to figure out that I just really can't have romantic feelings for people, much less sexual desires. Thankfully I have friends that understand what Asexuality is, even if someone of them still tell me they don't get it, or can't wrap their heads around it 'How could I never want to ahve sex or date?' It's still hard for me to explain it, especially to my guy friends that I met because they tried to ask me out.

But my main problem now is how to tell my mom.Read more...Collapse )I'm her only daughter and for years she's been bothering me about boyfriends, and having babies and the like, something I don't think will ever happen. I'd love to raise children, but it's near impossible for a single woman to adopt so it'll likely never happen, I can't have babies naturally either due to health risks and the fact that I'm not willing to ahve anything stuck up there if you knwo what I mean. When I was younger and confused I tried to come out to my mom about possibly being BI and she flipped, freaking out that she'd never have grand kids and that I wasn't 'normal' I'm scared that if I tell ger I'm asexual she'll have a heart attack. But if I don't tell her she'll continuously try to force me into relationships and I don't know what to do.

Anyone else on ehre have trouble telling their parents, or have any people tried? I'd love to hear stories.

Cracked Article
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I thought I'd share this with y'all.

6 Weird Ways the World Looks Different When You're Asexual by Robert Evans, Julianna, Andy H.

Came out, sort of
As a friend again stressed how I needed to find a man, I said how totally asexual I feel. First time I'd ever said that to anyone in the non-virtual world. She didn't respond particularily well, as though I wasn't one of her gang, or not as much as she thought...... just wanted to share that....

Asexuality Explained In An Easy To Understand Comic
You can share it with your friends!

The 2014 Asexual Community Census is out!
This is meant as a community run, community wide census to give us a clearer sense of who the asexual community is made up of, and what their needs are. It's also open to non-aces as well, and you don't need to use AVEN or even know what it is to take it. Please take a few minutes to fill it out, and tell your friends!

link here:

Our Own Swankivy on Australia's 'Weekend Sunrise'

Just wanted to let everyone know that swankivy was interviewed this morning on the Australian show 'Weekend Sunrise'. It went surprisingly well, given how other Australian breakfast shows have handled the topic in the past. There were some pretty insightful questions asked by the hosts, they'd obviously done some research beforehand (or at least been given a brief). One thing that struck me compared to earlier interviews on the topic, is that the concept of asexuality didn't seem quite so foreign/unbelievable to the hosts, which is definitely a good sign. Instead of wasting interview time arguing about whether asexuality is real, we got some good info from swankivy about some of the pressures and concerns that face us, how we handle relationships with others, and a few similar things that don't usually get addressed in such "introductory" interviews.

Aside from one of two cringe-worthy comments (e.g. "How did you know?"), it was a very respectful and informative interview, and of course Swankivy handled it with the poise and grace of a professional.

The video isn't online yet, but I will link it when/if I find it. Kudos to swankivy for another successful and positive interview.

The Olivia Experiment

The writer and producer of the film "The Olivia Experiment" contacted me to ask if we could put the word out, as it features an asexual as a central character. I'm not affiliated with the film at all, just putting out the word in case anyone's interested.

If you're in Los Angeles, there will be a limited engagement at the Laemmle from Aug. 22-28.

Happy Asexual Couple
The Guardian does a very intelligent piece about a completely happy  asexual couple.

This is my favorite paragraph

"People always ask how our marriage is different from just being friends, but I think a lot of relationships are about that - being friends. We have built on our friendship, rather than scrapping it and moving on somewhere else. The obvious way we differ is that we don't have sex, though we do kiss and cuddle. We like to joke that the longer we're married the less unusual this is. By the time we've been married five years we'll be just like everyone else."

Asexuality on CTV

Last night I got to go on Canadian national television to (very) briefly talk about asexuality, the WorldPride-affiliated asexuality conference I'd just been at, and the asexual community's experiences and goals.


Watch the video here:

CTV News Channel: 'A similar fight'

Julie Sondra Decker, author of The Invisible Orientation, discusses asexuality and the conference held on it held in Toronto on Saturday

Stupid article on asexuality: apparently we all have mental health issues and don't exist anyway?
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Entirely stupid, offensive and horribly biased article on asexuality has been posted to The Age newspaper here:

The author has gone on to epically miss the point when people point out the problems with the article in the comments too - nevertheless, I do urge anyone who would like to to comment there to try and make this woman see sense, and perhaps she might get over her prejudices enough to see what damage this sort of identity erasure can cause. I doubt it, but maybe if enough people weigh in she might reconsider her horribly close-minded stance. You never know!

I'm going to comment there myself later, once I get over my urge to just shout in pure rage and can form articulate sentences again. It's so depressing that this sort of shit still gets written.

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