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Do you feel asexuals are part of the LGBT community or not really?

Question for all of you: As asexuals, do you feel part of the LGBT community? Do other people see you as part of the LGBT community? If so, do you wish they didn't? If not, do you wish they did? A little context: I think of myself as bi-asexual, but offline, people read me differently. The people who think I'm straight figure that if you're not interested in sleeping with women, you must be straight. Period. The people who think I'm gay know that I'm somewhat aesthetically attracted to women, and think sexual orientation is all in the mind, is therefore not defined by whether you have a significant other or not, so they conclude I must be lesbian, or at least bi. Part of me wishes that asexuality would be considered part of the LGBT label/community, because I feel asexuals have a lot of the same issues that queer people do (having to figure out out their own identity, coming out, etc), and because I doubt the asexual community would even have come up with the label 'asexual' or thought of ourselves as a 'community' if it hadn't been for the gay rights movement. On the other hand, many non-asexual gay people I know don't see asexuality as part of the LGBT community at all. They're very positive and accepting of asexual people, they just can't imagine not wanting to have sex, and see asexuality as a drastically different phenomenon from homosexuality. Similarly, I know some straight-asexuals who (although supportive of gay rights both in their politics and in their personal values) don't want to be considered part of the gay community because they're only attracted to opposite-gender people, and/or (espeically if they live in very conservative states) don't want to experience the discrimination that gays in their area face, or feel that they'll be more effective 'allies' to the gay community if others see them as straight. I'd love to hear from both gay/bi-asexuals and straight-asexuals on this.
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