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Radio interview on WNPR's Colin McEnroe show
swankivy wrote in asexuality

I was on the Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR in Connecticut today. They did a spot on asexuality and I was one of four guests:

  • Kathy Way (asexual resident who lived locally and inspired the topic)

  • David Jay (founder of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network)

  • Anthony Bogaert (author of Understanding Asexuality and psychology professor)

  • ME!

You can listen to the broadcast here. I weighed in on asexual discrimination and representation in the media; if you’re listening for my part, I am brought in during the last quarter of the program.

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Nice! There wouldn't be any chance of a transcript, would there? The sound quality is not terribly good.

I don't believe so. I'm not very familiar with the program and I don't think they offer transcripts on anything. It's frustrating. I remember once Sciatrix transcribed an entire asexuality interview with me and David Jay. As far as I know no one is planning to do that for this, but maybe it will happen someday.

That's a real shame. The internet is, generally speaking, the most accessible form of mass media available to the deaf and hearing impaired. And then there are podcasts. The only thing less inclusive to the deaf community is AM radio.

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