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Book on asexuality
swankivy wrote in asexuality
Hi all! I thought I'd let you all know that I have great news! My book on asexuality has sold to a publisher!

I signed with my agent, Andrea Somberg, in May of this year. She helped me make a few changes to my proposal, and then we were ready to go on submission to publishers in June. We initially queried six publishers, and received five statements of interest. Two of them rejected pretty quickly, but three of them kept us on the hook for a while. Eventually, after months of publishers having meetings, discussions with directors, and other delays, I had received three offers.

My agent and I discussed the pros and cons and found the best match for what we were looking for in Skyhorse Publishing. The imprint that it will be released under is Carrel Books, a library-focused imprint. They are not launching their new line until fall of 2014 so it won't be published sooner than that. Early talks have suggested it will be out in time for 2014's Asexual Awareness Week.

It will be releasing in hardcover and e-book at that point, and while it will be available for individuals and organizations to buy via all the websites that sell books, my publisher will be focusing on marketing to libraries, not bookstores. There is a chance I will get marketed to bookstores at some point, with a paperback edition, but the book will have to do well with library orders and circulation and have enough of a demand outside that market to justify that. As it gets closer I'm sure I'll be able to give you guys information if you want to get your library to order it.

I accepted the offer and signed the contract on November 20, 2013. We're going to have a book, y'all!

For the record, I had more than 80 people volunteer for the initial full-book test reader list and more than 120 responded to requests to read short excerpts discussing backgrounds or experiences I didn't feel completely comfortable writing about without advice. The book is very inclusive and has been given the thumbs up by many people who represent these groups I don't belong to, and it also features quotes from 20 talented asexual bloggers. I really hope it does a good job covering a wide range of asexual experiences.

Feel free to comment or private message me if you'd like to ask a question about what's in the book or make sure I cover a topic. I do not have to turn it in immediately and it's possible you will be alerting me to an issue I may not have considered. I'm very, very willing to listen. It would suck to finally have a chance to get a mainstream book about asexuality out there and then find I misrepresented or left out someone's experience.

Thanks. :)

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Congratulations! If you want help promoting your book when it comes out, let me know. I'd be happy to boost the signal; I know my audience would like it.

Thanks, I'm sure I'll be posting here and I'll definitely welcome any attempt to get the word out in other communities.

Congratulations! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it. It'll be available on amazon, yes?

It should be available on all of the websites that sell books!

That's fantastic. Congratulations! I look forward to pestering my library for a copy ;-).

Yay. I'll have more knowledge about how to do that at some point closer to the release, but the publisher already has a lot of connections with library buyers and it's possible you won't have to! But yeah, people asking for it regularly and maybe getting the library to order more copies will definitely get the publisher's attention and hopefully convince them that I should be in bookstores too. :)

This is great news! I'm very excited to buy a copy when it comes out.

WTG! Will the Ebook be available internationally?

I don't know how e-books are regulated internationally but I was under the impression that people would be able to buy it through all the usual channels like Amazon, etc. I don't know what that means for international orders but I hope so.

That's so exciting! Congratulations!

Excellent, and congratulations! I look forward to seeing this. :D

You're nice, thanks. :)

Wow, congratulations! I'd also love to help promote, and if you want to do a virtual book tour, my blog is open.

That sounds lovely. Book tours are usually better when the release gets closer and I was planning to try to do one. I don't know what style you do but based on my sources those that involve reviews usually lead to better exposure/sales. I would be willing to do an interview style too. Thanks for the volunteering. I follow a lot of book blogs but almost all of them are for fiction so most of them won't be appropriate to approach.

Excuse me, I just gotta a bit here...

Excellent. Congratulations in getting this sold! I actually found out about your writing this sometime last week and was looking up about, it, so I'm glad it's finally going to actually come out! This is superbly excellent, and I look forward to having me a nice paper copy when it comes out :D!

Oh wow, thanks so much! I can't wait until I have more news on its availability. Where'd you hear about me writing it?

Awesome! I own a bookstore - well, it's just a small bookstore in Washington State - but I'll definitely look forward to having a copy on our shelves.

Super nice, thank you so much!

Congrats! I will definately buy it when it's out.

Thank you so much for your support. :)

Awesome! Can't wait to buy a copy. I wished I could promote it here, but I guess I have to wait till it's out in German ;)

Aww. Well, I'm having talks with my publisher soon and I intend to ask questions about translation/foreign markets. I know they bought the world rights, not just the domestic rights. Foreign sales are different but they are all covered in my contract; the thing is, the existence of these clauses in my contract doesn't necessarily mean they'll be creating materials that will apply them, so. I'm curious too.

Congrats! I can't wait. I'll be especially interested in conversations you've had with people of color.

Are you addressing the issue of pride/joining LGBT movements?


When I tossed out my requests for people of backgrounds I don't belong to to weigh in on intersectional issues, I explicitly requested that asexual people of color look at my brief section on the topic, and I had 15 PoC volunteers, 11 of whom responded with commentary. They gave me some great thoughts on the section--as expected, my perspective as a white person led me to mostly view this issue from outside, discussing how people of color sometimes feel unwelcome in such a "white" movement and aren't represented in most of the media about asexuality, but encouragement from the PoC readers helped me also spotlight the experience from inside. I don't believe it's particularly comprehensive--it can't be, in a book that's not just about that--but with their help, I was able to discuss how different types of PoC cultures are sexualized or desexualized by people outside their groups AND inside their groups. Also, of my 20 featured asexual bloggers, two contributed quotes on being an ace PoC.

And yes to your question of whether I address pride/joining LGBT. It was I must say the section I was most afraid to write. We all know how common it is for some LGBT folks to feel we're invading their space, co-opting their experience, or threatening them/mocking them by wanting to be included or be allies, and I really wanted to discuss it thoroughly from "for" angles, "against" angles, and "as-neutral-as-possible" angles. So I spent about 20 pages on this, and I did cover why some queer people don't want heteroromantic and possibly aromantic people in their space. I ultimately spotlight the importance of people over politics and encourage everyone to respect individual and group decisions about ace inclusion. I did have several test reader volunteers who were non-asexual queer people and all of them said it was acceptable and non-offensive, but I don't think there's anything I can really do about that section being pretty controversial. I hope it doesn't piss anyone off too much.

If you like, you can see some rambles about the types of feedback I got and how they affected the book here.

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