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Asexuality Book Promotional Opportunities
swankivy wrote in asexuality

Hi guys, would you be kind enough to read through this request and throw out any suggestions you have?

My book on asexuality is going to be published in fall of next year and my publisher wants me to make some suggestions for promotional ideas and review opportunities.
You can help super easily by sending a private message or leaving a response in the comments in answer to any of these:

  1. Ever seen a TV program, read a magazine or professional journal, heard a radio show, or browsed a website that had you thinking "hey, a bit about asexuality would fit in great here!"? Tell me which media outlet it was and why you think they might want to do a piece on asexuality and/or my book for visibility. Any media outlet that covers sex ed, queer issues/sexual diversity, everyday psychology, or atypical relationships might work!

  2. Know any book-related publications, websites, or influential individuals that might want to review the book in exchange for an advance reader copy? Link me/refer me! I would love to know more about queer-friendly, LGBT, or open-minded book review opportunities.

  3. Know any organizations, events, or resource collectives that might want to be offered information about the book? I’d love to know! This would include GSAs and queer groups at colleges, asexual-specific groups, Pride events that are ace inclusive (or want to be), or sex educators/diversity educators who might want it in their GSRM/queer libraries or for workshop references.

  4. Are you a person with a widely read or widely attended asexuality-themed or sexual diversity-themed blog, website, or organization who would like to post an interview with me or a review of the book when publication time gets closer? Contact me!

  5. Do you have an oddball suggestion for something that might lead to interest in the book (or just in asexuality, leading to people looking for books on it)? I probably won’t think it’s too weird or silly! I’m considering stuff like YouTube interviews, contests to win copies, ads in the schedule books of queer and sex-ed conferences, and providing books to certain events if people think they might sell.

Thanks in advance to anyone who makes a suggestion … I’ve got a lot of contacts and ideas already, but I bet there are a ton I’ve forgotten that you folks will remember. And thanks again to everyone who’s helped edit the book and all the people who keep saying they can’t wait to get a copy! You guys are the best. :)

I don't have copies to send to people immediately--that won't happen until next year, so I'm really just doing preliminary stuff here, not looking for immediate promotions right this second. If you would prefer to contact me at my e-mail, feel free to use and we'll talk.

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I don't know if you're planning to have cake at the launching party, but that's about the only idea I have.

In response to #2:

You might want to give some advanced copies to average folk in exchange for those people reviewing the book on the likes of Amazon, The Book Depository, etc. as soon as the book is available. I used to be involved with a company that sent me DVDs to review on this basis as reviews often shape people's purchases online - I find I rely on other people's opinions of non-fiction books a lot to gauge if they have all the information I'm looking for. Of course, there is a degree of trust involved in this as you can never be sure that everyone will do the reviews but this risk could be offset by making a charge for the book and refunding it once people have sent in links to their reviews.

You could get some stickers made, maybe with the grey triangle, and have people put them up around capital cities. I could help you with London.

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