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I don't know if you're planning to have cake at the launching party, but that's about the only idea I have.

In response to #2:

You might want to give some advanced copies to average folk in exchange for those people reviewing the book on the likes of Amazon, The Book Depository, etc. as soon as the book is available. I used to be involved with a company that sent me DVDs to review on this basis as reviews often shape people's purchases online - I find I rely on other people's opinions of non-fiction books a lot to gauge if they have all the information I'm looking for. Of course, there is a degree of trust involved in this as you can never be sure that everyone will do the reviews but this risk could be offset by making a charge for the book and refunding it once people have sent in links to their reviews.

You could get some stickers made, maybe with the grey triangle, and have people put them up around capital cities. I could help you with London.

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