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I was asked to attend by a couple folks but I don't really have the money and my passport expired a couple months ago so I don't believe I will be there. :(

That's a shame. It would've been cool to meet you in person. :(

I doubt I'll have the money, but would love to. I'm also a bit ambivalent in light of today's rather faily discussion about a PoC-safe space on AVEN, but the money's a bigger issue

Scratch that, the longer that discussion goes with little to no intervention from mods, the more I'm convinced the con's not a safe space. I've lost any interest in saving money to get there.

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No money, no passport. :(

Also probably no time, given the immensities of organising transport and visas and hotels and intra-state transport and insurance and money-changing and everything else for an intercontinental trip for someone who has never travelled anywhere before. (blank passports generally mean greater scrutiny, don't they? Compared to someone who has been places before, so customs can say 'oh, he's been places, he knows the drill' and process them quicker?)

So given all that, put me down for maybe. :P

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