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Wow, that sounds really awesome. Asexual characters don't appear much on tv. Sherlock (from Sherlock BBC) is probably the most prominent one (or at least the one that comes to mind) but I don't think he was purposefully written as someone who's asexual, just a "weirdo" who doesn't do relationships well. It's great to a show exploring the topic. Maybe one day we'll get a romantic asexual too :)

This character has some weirdo traits too, but yeah. I'm not sure if she's romantic or aromantic yet, actually. Either way, it's a start.

Awesome. I'll have to see if I can watch that, and make my friends watch it too :-). Thanks for the heads-up.

USA network tends to replay it's episodes many many many times, so if you get the network, it shouldn't be hard to catch.

I'm in the UK, but I'll see if I can find a way to watch it.

Wow! That actually sounds incredibly reasonable...which is not what I'd expect from most media portrayals, let alone comedy television shows.

That was my take as well. WOW from a comedy yet. They did play it for laughs, to the same extent they play everything else for laughs. And the fact that some of the characters were laughing at the idea - was actually really realistic too.

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Considering how often USA replays it's shows, it shouldn't be too hard to catch. They really did seem to have done their research. Except for the manifesto. Or do we have a manifesto that I just haven't seen yet?

I think the manifesto idea might have been an attempt at portraying the way the greater community generally misunderstands asexuality. I certainly know there are some anti-asexual groups who would probably claim that we're some kind of political movement bribing senators to make sex illegal, or something stupid like that.

Yeah, it was probably an exaggeration. It just stuck in my mind because everything else seemed so researched. But it is a comedy after all.

At least they didn't try to make it out as some kind of mystical cult thing with weird rituals and costumes and such.

Thanks for letting us know. I watched a couple episodes and it didn't seem too bad. It is a cute show. But I haven't watched the last couple weeks.

Also besides catching one of the million reruns if you have Comcast it should be on On Demand. Or on the Comcast website.

It is cute. The inaccuracy of the medicine is a bit rough on me, but I suppose yelling at the screen is part of how I enjoy most medical shows.

!!! There's an American remake of Sirens? I must find this! I loved the UK one and was so sad it never got a second series :(

It claims to be a remake. Having not seen the original, I'm not sure if it's a remake or more "inspired by."

I saw people talking about this on Tumblr and I want to add it to my (very short) list of asexual characters in my book! :D

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