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Portraits Of Asexuality
bart_calendar wrote in asexuality
Photographic artist creates series of photos to help document the asexual experience.


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I especially appreciated the comment about not being able to "come out" without an encyclopedia.

I wish they weren't all looking so forlorn.

My thoughts, exactly.

Guess that +1 button could be useful after all. ;)

Agree. Though the videos on the website bring out a bit more their personalities.

As one of the people who sat for Laia...I think she was aiming for portrait-like photos. But yeah, I didn't think some of them would look so forlorn, haha!

Thanks for that insight. It does look like that's what she was going for. I got the impression from her remarks, though, that she still seems to have a bias leaning towards asexuals as being "broken," which would explain her choices.

I haven't looked at the website yet, but I didn't get that impression from Laia when I was with her. She seemed genuinely curious/interested about asexuality, and from my conversations with her, I thought she thought of asexuality as a valid orientation.

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