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The Olivia Experiment
parlance wrote in asexuality

The writer and producer of the film "The Olivia Experiment" contacted me to ask if we could put the word out, as it features an asexual as a central character. I'm not affiliated with the film at all, just putting out the word in case anyone's interested.

If you're in Los Angeles, there will be a limited engagement at the Laemmle from Aug. 22-28.

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I watched the trailer, and it appears to be a movie about someone who is trying to decide whether she's asexual and decides to experiment with sex to find out? Has anyone seen this? Maybe it's applicable to a young person who really isn't sure if they're asexual. But to me, in my late 50s, married, and having realized after decades of marriage that not really wanting sex is a valid way to live, the movie feels totally inapplicable to me.

It reminds me a bit of that 40 year old virgin movie, which I frankly found a bit insulting, degrading, misleading, and also inapplicable to me.

But I guess the usual way of experiencing asexuality wouldn't be that attractive to a movie-going audience. Not enough drama? Or not enough sex.

I co-organize the LA meetup group and the filmmaker had offered comp tickets, so I saw it yesterday with my co-organizer and two of our friends. I'd heard some bad reviews about the show, but I wanted to judge for myself.

I think your instincts are correct. It seems most of the characters were based on stereotypes, and the characterization of the main character as neurotic and frigid and childlike was pretty offensive. Also, the part that most people who had seen the film at a festival took issue with is that she joined an asexual meetup group that was actually style more like a formal support group, which was just wtf.

It has potential to be a very charming movie, and we all agreed that we liked her (of course, gay) roommate. But overall, it was really awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

Thanks for that info. I guess I will skip this movie. :)

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