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hey, i'm new
rapuncat wrote in asexuality
Hello everyone, i´m so glad i found this community. I have always been kind of confused about my sexuality. I´m currently 19 years old and i've never had any sexual attraction. I used to think that i was weird and something bad was going on with me, specially now that i'm in university and my friends are getting into more 'serious' relationships, which i'm not interested about at all. So, one day i was watching some random videos in youtube (as usual) and i found a girl talking about her being asexual. At first i was shocked because the term was new to me, but as soon as she started explaining about how she felt towards others, that she doesn't has sexual attraction for others as many people do, i felt identified instantly. I looked for more information about the topic and gladly, i found this community.
I would be really happy if you can give me some feedback about books or maybe movies about the asexual community, it would be awesome!
Thanks for reading this!

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Welcome to this comm! You are sure an early questioner and learner -- I was more than twice your age when I started checking out these considerations.

Too hard to do recs from my smartphone. Will be back to rec some books when I can do them from my laptop.

Welcome! I'm happy for you that you've found us so early, I was well into my 20s by the time I discovered asexuality and stopped thinking I was "broken" or mentally ill.

Swankivy's book "The Invisible Orientation" is a good place to start, as is Asexuality: A Brief Introduction" by the Aasexuality Archives blogger.

Of course there's heaps of info over at AVEN,, for both asexuals and their allies friends and family.
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Welcome! I had a very similar experience -- I always thought I was weird, or there was something wrong with me, and then one day I happened across the concept of asexuality on the internet, and I immediately identified with it. We are not weird, and there's nothing wrong with us at all!

If you haven't found it yet, you should check out AVEN (Asexual Visibility and Education Network). The site has lots of resources and a forum. You can find it here:

Hi! Congratulations on figuring it out! I was 24 when I first heard about asexuality (over ten years ago now, yikes), but I still remember the extreme relief in realizing I wasn't alone in being this way.

As for recommendations, there's Julie Sondra Decker's awesome book "The Invisible Orientation". She also has a tumblr (username swankivy) with lots of asexuality talk. I'd post the links directly, but this community marks all links as spam, sadly.

I second swankivy's book and her youtube videos! She has loads of great information. Welcome!

Well, I was going to rec one non-fiction and one fiction, but I see that my non-fiction choice, "The Invisible Orientation," has already been recced. For an ace-themed anthology of short stories I rec "The Heart of Aces" (ISBN 9780615669267).

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