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tardis explodes
ecataria77 wrote in asexuality
I just joined the community today and thought I would say hello. I'm 31 years old. It took me some years to become aware that I am asexual and then a couple more years to become comfortable enough to own it. I'm very romantic and for years just viewed sex as a necessary evil to be in relationships with others. I never enjoyed it or initiated it, just sorta shut my mind off and went along with it. Now I will never do that again. I'm in a relationship now with a man who is sexual but knows my identity and respects it. It's funny to me in a way that it took me as long as it did to realize I am asexual, because I remember being distinctly aware when I was as young as 16 that I didn't find sex appealing at all. I remember vocalizing this to my mother and she, normally one of the most open-minded people you ever would have met, became aghast and kept insisting I'd like it when I found the right person. I remember taking her word for it at the time. I wonder if I either hadn't told her or she'd had a different reaction, if I would have been able to come to grips with it then instead of about 12 years later. Who knows? I am where I am now and that's what's important.

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*waving Hi*

I didn't know there was a name for how I felt and who I was inside until a few years ago, and I'm so happy I joined this community! I hope to find good fortune with a relationship as you seem to have with yours...

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