Asexuality portrayal on TV show Sirens (spoilers for 4/3/2014 episode herein)
I'm watching Sirens, a new TV show in the US about paramedics. It's a comedy. In the 4 episodes I have seen so far, it has been irreverent about life, death, relationships, pornography, family, pretty much everything.

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So I was thinking....
I like reading and lately they've covered some serious topics like (5 Unexpected Things I Learned from Being a Heroin Addict  Read more: or( 5 Shocking Realities of Being Transgender the Media Ignores

Read more: ) and I got to thinking if maybe someone could write one for asexuality?

Even though Cracked is a comedy site, these articles are not laugh-out loud funny, more like light-hearted, but very informational.
I don't feel like I would be able to write something like that, but maybe someone can?

Just a thought.

World Pride?
So are any of you planning to attend World Pride in Toronto this June? I'm really looking forward to it! It'll be good to meet up with a number of aces I've only known online for that last few years that I've been a member of the community. Also, there's lots of fun stuff to do in Toronto. It's going to be an entertaining week!

The Invisible Orientation
Hi all! Some of you may remember that I announced a book deal last year. Well, things are moving along pretty well and I thought I'd stop by and update y'all on the status.

The book's title has been changed to THE INVISIBLE ORIENTATION: An Introduction to Asexuality.

It will come out September 2, 2014 from Skyhorse Publishing/Carrel Books.

Right now only the hardcover is available for preorder. An ebook is supposed to be released at the same time, though.

Here are the links to purchase or add to a list:

Buy or Add: [Amazon] [Barnes & Noble] [Book Depository] [Goodreads]

Please note that the UK version of Book Depository also has the book listed. I'm told they ship worldwide.

Here is the current cover--it may not be final.

If you're interested to know more about what the book covers, the Amazon entry's description explains it pretty well, but you can either read about it on its page on my professional author site OR watch this video on YouTube where I go over the planned chapters and what they address!

The book does not currently have a paperback or audio version planned, nor does it have any translations planned, but this is just the first release. My contract with the publisher does mention the terms for audio versions and translation/foreign rights, so there is groundwork laid if the demand for the book suggests it will be worth the publisher's while to create those options. When it first comes out, the best thing those of you who can't/don't want to buy it for yourself can do to help is to make sure your library gets it! I'm not much of a salesperson and have no intention of hounding my community to throw money at it, but I do want it to do well enough that it will stay in print and hit the numbers needed for a paperback version and trade distribution, so every bit of word-spreading will help!

As release approaches there may be some giveaways and contests so I will be sure to post them here for anyone who would be interested in that. :)

Can't wait to bring info about asexuality into another mainstream demographic. Thank you for your support!

Geek Aces of Britain - help?
DW SPN Angels have the TARDIS
I don't know if anybody here is familiar with the Nine Worlds convention, but I've been put in charge of doing a panel on asexuality, fandom and asexual representation. Which means I need people other than me to be on the panel.

Now, I already have me and another ace but I need more volunteers. Specifically I'm trying to find people who unlike me and the person I've got already don't fall into the white/able bodied/cis image that you usually see of asexuals in the media. I'll do it if I have to, but I'm trying to put together a more diverse panel.

Which means I'm really looking for anybody who fits, and would want to volunteer. It's not a formal lecture or anything either so no need to give a power point presentation or the like. I'm hoping to use the Supernatural/Doctor Who/Sherlock fandoms and Cas/The Doctor/Sherlock as examples of the stereotypical image of the asexual, of 'the other' that fandom will gravitate to more, if that's good, if that's bad, and any other possible aces you may think of who aren't always thought of as ace by fandom. Don't have to like the Superwholock fandoms at all but some knowledge would be good. But once the panel is down we can all chat on e-mail and refine what we want to do so it is flexible.

If you want to help out and are already going to the con that's fantastic, either comment here or send me an ask on my tumblr. If you want to come but don't have a ticket and can't afford one let me know and I'll see if there's anything I can do.

This should be good geeky fun and also good vis work. 

Seeking contributions for The Asexual Story Project
river stormcage
Hi everyone!

I've seen a couple of people around the place express that they'd like to see more personal stories related to asexuality. I've decided to launch a new website called The Asexual Story Project and would like people to contribute for the site's launch! Details are on the flyer below - please consider being part of the project!

vaginismus and asexuality
I'm an asexual woman and few months ago I was diagnosed with vaginismus and wondering if there's a connection with asexuality. I'll cut this as there is a discussion of sex.Read more...Collapse )

Asexuality Book Promotional Opportunities

Hi guys, would you be kind enough to read through this request and throw out any suggestions you have?

My book on asexuality is going to be published in fall of next year and my publisher wants me to make some suggestions for promotional ideas and review opportunities.
You can help super easily by sending a private message or leaving a response in the comments in answer to any of these:

  1. Ever seen a TV program, read a magazine or professional journal, heard a radio show, or browsed a website that had you thinking "hey, a bit about asexuality would fit in great here!"? Tell me which media outlet it was and why you think they might want to do a piece on asexuality and/or my book for visibility. Any media outlet that covers sex ed, queer issues/sexual diversity, everyday psychology, or atypical relationships might work!

  2. Know any book-related publications, websites, or influential individuals that might want to review the book in exchange for an advance reader copy? Link me/refer me! I would love to know more about queer-friendly, LGBT, or open-minded book review opportunities.

  3. Know any organizations, events, or resource collectives that might want to be offered information about the book? I’d love to know! This would include GSAs and queer groups at colleges, asexual-specific groups, Pride events that are ace inclusive (or want to be), or sex educators/diversity educators who might want it in their GSRM/queer libraries or for workshop references.

  4. Are you a person with a widely read or widely attended asexuality-themed or sexual diversity-themed blog, website, or organization who would like to post an interview with me or a review of the book when publication time gets closer? Contact me!

  5. Do you have an oddball suggestion for something that might lead to interest in the book (or just in asexuality, leading to people looking for books on it)? I probably won’t think it’s too weird or silly! I’m considering stuff like YouTube interviews, contests to win copies, ads in the schedule books of queer and sex-ed conferences, and providing books to certain events if people think they might sell.

Thanks in advance to anyone who makes a suggestion … I’ve got a lot of contacts and ideas already, but I bet there are a ton I’ve forgotten that you folks will remember. And thanks again to everyone who’s helped edit the book and all the people who keep saying they can’t wait to get a copy! You guys are the best. :)

I don't have copies to send to people immediately--that won't happen until next year, so I'm really just doing preliminary stuff here, not looking for immediate promotions right this second. If you would prefer to contact me at my e-mail, feel free to use and we'll talk.

Book on asexuality
Hi all! I thought I'd let you all know that I have great news! My book on asexuality has sold to a publisher!

I signed with my agent, Andrea Somberg, in May of this year. She helped me make a few changes to my proposal, and then we were ready to go on submission to publishers in June. We initially queried six publishers, and received five statements of interest. Two of them rejected pretty quickly, but three of them kept us on the hook for a while. Eventually, after months of publishers having meetings, discussions with directors, and other delays, I had received three offers.

My agent and I discussed the pros and cons and found the best match for what we were looking for in Skyhorse Publishing. The imprint that it will be released under is Carrel Books, a library-focused imprint. They are not launching their new line until fall of 2014 so it won't be published sooner than that. Early talks have suggested it will be out in time for 2014's Asexual Awareness Week.

It will be releasing in hardcover and e-book at that point, and while it will be available for individuals and organizations to buy via all the websites that sell books, my publisher will be focusing on marketing to libraries, not bookstores. There is a chance I will get marketed to bookstores at some point, with a paperback edition, but the book will have to do well with library orders and circulation and have enough of a demand outside that market to justify that. As it gets closer I'm sure I'll be able to give you guys information if you want to get your library to order it.

I accepted the offer and signed the contract on November 20, 2013. We're going to have a book, y'all!

For the record, I had more than 80 people volunteer for the initial full-book test reader list and more than 120 responded to requests to read short excerpts discussing backgrounds or experiences I didn't feel completely comfortable writing about without advice. The book is very inclusive and has been given the thumbs up by many people who represent these groups I don't belong to, and it also features quotes from 20 talented asexual bloggers. I really hope it does a good job covering a wide range of asexual experiences.

Feel free to comment or private message me if you'd like to ask a question about what's in the book or make sure I cover a topic. I do not have to turn it in immediately and it's possible you will be alerting me to an issue I may not have considered. I'm very, very willing to listen. It would suck to finally have a chance to get a mainstream book about asexuality out there and then find I misrepresented or left out someone's experience.

Thanks. :)

Regarding media...
Oh hi!
Does anyone else here squirm when things start to heat up in a movie or series that they're watching? I was re-watching The Avengers the other day and realized that one of the reasons that I enjoy that movie so much is that there are no explicit romantic scenes. Oh, true, there are references to it, but nothing in-your-face, thus making the movie- well- comfortable for me. I know it's more than a little selfish of me, but I get very tired of watching scenes that nothing but fan-service, doing nothing to progress the story-line but do make me feel very uncomfortable by watching something that I cannot and will never truly understand.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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