I immediately celebrated this afternoon with this:


And then I promptly went and took a four-hour nap. Because spending roughly 35 hours in church from Wednesday through Sunday on top of classes is kind of exhausting.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!


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I saw the movie.
I saw the movie.

I saw the movie.

I saw the movie.

I saw the movie.

And of course my first second fifth thought was, "Now I really need to go edit/revise Wishing Well and trash the Tony-centric ending and pretend The Avengers never happened and bring in the aftermath of Cap 2."

Because life goal: trash Steve's life even more.

p.s. Sam Wilson is beautiful and Anthony Mackie is beautiful and Sam/Steve is beautiful.

"envy's just another word for ambition." "well, that's just not true."
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SJ Tucker, flowers, and herbs
I sang loud and got my hands dirty as I planted many things.

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As some of you may be aware, in recent months, there has been an ongoing conflict between myself, barsukthom and gingerwood.  As of April 1, 2014, the dispute has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved.  As such, we collectively ask that you refrain from any further discussion on the matter, whether it be to us directly, among yourselves, or in public.  This has been a difficult situation for all involved; we ask that you respect our desire to put it behind us.  

Neat idea
I just had a great idea! You know those sand paintings some people do? The ones that are doomed to be cast out into the wind? Well, there's that solar sinter thing I blogged the link to on Tumblr yesterday, so... maybe not that one, but using a laser, here's my idea: Do a sand painting on a thin slab of some substance like stone or concrete that won't melt or catch fire under a laser hot enough to sinter sand. Not sure if stone or concrete would work, but something should work. Anyway, do a sand painting on this substance, then use the laser to sinter the sand in place.

Not sure if it would work, how it would work if it did, or what the end result would look like, but it's worth a try. Wish I had the skills and money to try it myself.

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you make it seem so easy

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter, to those of you who celebrate the holiday!

BINGO: blackout
 The Torn World Muse Fusion for April 2014 has reached blackout on our collective bingo card.  Woohoo!  I wrote six things.

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