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An Amusing Conversation with Cleverbot
well MY characters...
Because this comm could always use some :D

User: 'What do you think about asexuality?' Cleverbot: 'I think about how much I want to teach theatre.'Collapse )


This has been a Pico Production. Any ridiculosity is attributable to exhuberance and to chicken pot pie. Goodnight everyone!

ace-trolling lolmegle
well MY characters...
Here's a little something to cheer you guys up. I omegle every now and then, just for the lulz of it, and sometimes there are indeed lulz. They happen most frequently when unsuspecting horny omeglers ask whether I would like to participate on online carnal relations. On these occasions, I go into full-out troll mode. Most of them aren't that interesting --

how nice, they give me options!Collapse )

I'm not lying, I'm totally 98 years old.Collapse )

-- but some can be fun:

kind of like Collapse )

two cameras, both alike in dignityCollapse )

And then you get conversations from show-offs trying to talk about things you actually know...

My brother benches 350. Really, honey? 275? That's nice :DCollapse )

...omegle is fun when you're ace :D

Since we need more happy posts...
my kind of disney princess
For some time, I've wondered what it was with people and bars. I don't drink, I don't dance, and I certainly don't hook up. Yet, even people who knew how uninterested I was in these things have tried to coax me to go with them to various bars. Not just any bars, of course; my straight friends, for some reason, were convinced that I simply needed to go to a gay bar, and that the magic of the gay bar would somehow cure me of all my dispassionate responses towards the things that I don't enjoy doing. (Though really, what is it with straight people and their obsession with gay bars? What do they plan on doing there?)

Then, a while back, there was a discussion topic here on what would constitute an Ace bar. I reveled in the ideas, cherished them, and contributed my own--if such a magical Ace Bar existed, then surely I would go! But alas and alack, no such establishment exists--and I saw that there was a great desire amongst my fellow Aces for such a fantasy to be real! I am sadly lacking in entrepreneurial skills, and yet--somehow, I felt that there needed to be a response.

So! In order to help foster the environment of the Magical Ace Bar From Utopia Rainbow Land (a place that is far, far away and populated by Lisa Frank unicorns), I bring to you a guide on how all of us can construct a little piece of the Ace bar into our own homes:
Bringing the Magical Ace Bar Home: the Pillow Fort Edition complete with picturesCollapse )

I make buttons for my college's GLBTQ Center, and I'm looking up new designs, because we need new button designs and we need to be more inclusive of a lot of things. We have a lot of just "gay" buttons, not a whole lot of specifically gay or specifically lesbian nor do we have any for transgendered individuals. We also, as a center to not really recognize asexuality, which is something I've been working on as a romantic asexual/demisexual. I want asexuality to be talked about more.

Anyway, I was looking on FaceBook's Piece of Flair application and I saw a piece that I love and I thought I'd share it with everyone here.

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