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Second Life Asexual Club Opens
Hey guys, I have started a club in Second Life (the virtual world) where we will have virtual meet ups for asexuals with a DJ streaming music. I'm doing this with another asexual friend. The virtual club is built. We just need you guys to sign up for our group in-world and when we have a time and date for our first meet up, you will get a notice with a landmark to the club. To join the group just paste the following link into local chat, then click the local chat button and it will pop up in a window where it will become a click-able link, which will bring up the group. Just click join. secondlife:///app/group/e76dc054-fd99-cd50-c025-00800d94195f/about

Some of you may not be familiar with virtual worlds and I'd like to help anyone who wants to participate but doesn't know where to start. Ask me anything. Signing up with Second Life is easy, just go to secondlife.com. You sign up and download the application, sign in and boom you are in-world.

My screen name in Second Life is myvegancookbook Bolissima. So if you need help, just send me an IM in-world. Looking forward to seeing you guys.


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