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Mod Hat On
Hey everyone!  Just a quick note to let you know what's up.  Since the drama flareup, I placed the community on moderation.  I rejected almost nobody that has applied since then (barring a few people involved in said drama flareup), and everyone has been playing nice, so I think it's time to take us off moderation!

As always, please feel free to reach out if drama rears its ugly head, but I'm pleased and proud to know that on the whole our community is a loving and supportive safe space for our members.

I feel like enough of the community has spoken.  We're remaining on moderation, but I'm going to auto-admit everyone that was on hold.

While we will continue to remain on moderated community status for the time being, I'm going to start auto-admitting everyone, and I'll just be leaving us on moderation to keep track of who's joining for a little while, and if everything stays calm, I might remove moderation altogether if that's something the community supports.

New people, welcome to the community! I'm sorry that your joining coincided with the drama. I hope you'll forgive the inconvenience of the waiting period.  I just want this community to continue to be a good safe space for all of us.

As always, I appreciate it when other community members also act as my eyes, but I get the sense that we don't have much to be worried about at this point.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled [info]asexuality.

Two Things
1) I've officially added a no-crossposting-out-someone-else's-private-post rule to the the community profile.  I'm not sure it's clearly worded.  Please let me know.

2) I'm considering coming off moderation.  We have six people sitting in queue who may or may not be troublemakers, but for one reason or another threw up enough red flags that we didn't autoadmit.  I think it's time to let them in, but green_elf suggests we let them in two at a time maximum so that everyone can brace for whatever drama may or may not unfold.  What do you guys think?

Hopefully the last mod-hat post for this week.
1)  Since the community seems to agree, I've reworked the info page to have sort of a rules section where we discuss squick cuts and whatnot.  I'd love to get any constructive criticism on making it readable and coherent.  If it's not making sense to you or flowing smoothly, let's work on fixing that, since it's the public face of our community and I don't want to be confusing to anyone who's new to our community.

2) My current membership policy is if the person requesting membership belongs to an ontd community or a community with mock in the name or anything else that might mean they're just here to point, laugh, and troll, they're on a waiting list.  I figure in a couple of weeks, I'll come to the community and warn them that the floodgates are opening, and that either we're about to get awesome new members or a dramastorm.

3) I am not the only mod!  green_elf is alive and well.  Our views are not unified, because we do not share a brain.  We've been discussing the dramastorm and how to handle the new members coming in now that we're moderated.  My policy on the matter is NOT sacred law, and if people have ideas about how to handle this, I'm open to suggestions.  I try hard to be a Mod Of The People, rather than a Mod That Rules With An Iron Fist.

4) We now return you to your regularly scheduled [info]asexuality.

A Little More Mod-Hattery.
I've been seeing concerns about privacy, stalking, harassment, trolling, etc., so I've switched us (temporarily?) to moderated membership.

What this means:

Everyone has to be approved before they join.

What this doesn't mean:

People who get approved have had extensive background checks and I psychically know they're not gonna be assholes.


For now, I'm gonna do what I've done in other communities, which is that I do a cursory check of the profiles to see if there are any red flags.  For a little while, I'm gonna be overly cautious and leave anyone even remotely questionable in a holding pattern, and I'll see over the next couple of weeks or so how many people are still sitting there and how many of them might be problematic.  At that point, it'll be a matter of deciding whether or not we want to risk letting in potential drama or reject membership on the side of caution.  I'm trying to do this with as much transparency to the community as possible while hopefully not creating massive amounts of drama.


Like they say on NY Subway, and a bunch of other places, "If you see something, say something."

If you see someone acting sketchy, drop me a line.  Feel free to call bullshit, NOT rise to trollbait, and whatever, but if you need me, I'm here.  I'm not God, I don't watch the posts 24/7, so if something happens, please let me know!  I'll get on it ASAP.

Squick Cuts; other modly thoughts.
I'm thinking of implementing a new "policy".

Granted, I'm a Moderater of the Caribbean, they're more like guidelines anyway, so if you don't do this or don't remember to, hell will probably NOT rain down on your head.

However, since I know our discussions here sometimes veer into past sexual experience or contemplations of future sexual experience and I know some of our members are not so cool with that, I would like to propose that we *try* to be mindful of that and sensitive and whatnot and do a squick cut if we're going to be discussing these concepts.


If I get a general sense that this is a Good Idea, it'll become a guideline and become part of the infopage for the community.

Additionally, and I hope I don't even have to say this, but if you are stalking or harassing other members and I see evidence, you're out of here.  I wish I didn't have to mention this, but I've heard tell in the past of some of that going on in here, and that's not how I want this community to be.  I'm pretty laid back, I try really hard not to be The Mod Who Rules With An Iron Fist, but I also want this to be a safe space for people where they feel welcome to discuss things that they may not feel free to discuss with family and friends.  In order to do that, we need to remain welcoming and considerate towards one another.

(This little codicil is not marked by any specific recent event; rather, it's just that I remember in the past hearing allegations and worrying about how to resolve the situation when the harassment has been subtle in nature.  Please, y'all, be mature.  Don't be a dick.  Be excellent to each other.)

(no subject)
I've changed the community's user profile slightly to include some information about tagging and memories.

Which reminds me, does anyone want to help me go through the old posts and tag some of them?

Call for memories
I am just starting to add memories to the community, as well as to tag some entries.

Folks, if you want to help out, let me know what memories need to be added and tag any entries you feel need tagging. (Please try to keep tags consistent. You can see which tags are in use by going to this page. That said, if you think a tag sucks, you can always check all entries tagged thusly and either mention it in a tagging-related post, or you can just make a new tag.)

What needs to be tagged, as well as possibly added to memories: Any entry that asks a new question and has good discussion or has an especially good answer to and old question. Also, and entries that have especially good explanations of asexuality or a particular kind of asexuality.

What does NOT need to be tagged: Every single entry, regardless of content, as well as introductory posts that don't pose any questions. Unless you're going to tag introductory posts under "introductions" or something, but I don't see any point in doing that.

I've added the asexuality color bars to tags and memories in addition to the recent icons. Anything else you want to be able to find easily?

Do you have any asexuality posts stored in YOUR memories that you think other members might benefit from? Lemme know!

My ultimate goal here is to have:

1) A FAQ page or two linked from the community info page, supplemented by
2) Memories of posts written by various members about how they feel about asexuality in general, or a specific aspect of it
3) A way to find that post about that thing and the stuff that was posted a while back.
4) A way to find similar, related posts when you want to read more about something, like say how people are handling relationships in which one partner is asexual and the other is not.

P.S. If folks are seriously interested in this, we could make it a project and have people read, say, a whole month of entries (or half a month) from the archive and submit suggestions for memories and tag stuff.

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