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Asexuality on CTV

Last night I got to go on Canadian national television to (very) briefly talk about asexuality, the WorldPride-affiliated asexuality conference I'd just been at, and the asexual community's experiences and goals.


Watch the video here:

CTV News Channel: 'A similar fight'

Julie Sondra Decker, author of The Invisible Orientation, discusses asexuality and the conference held on it held in Toronto on Saturday

WorldPride Asexual Conference Talk
September 2010
Hello to anyone here who was at the Asexual Conference or WorldPride marching group in London this weekend! It was great to meet so many people!

Video of my talk on the beginnings of the asexual movement including the founding of this LJ community is now up on DailyMotion here:


Please feel free to pass these on to anyone who wasn't able to make it to the conference.

I'm also planning to record an extended version of the talk including high resolution versions of the slides and a transcript for release in the next few weeks.

I understand that the rest of the conference was also filmed and is currently being edited for release some time soon.

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