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It's time for the annual Ace Community Census.

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Question about attraction versus good looks.
So yesterday I took my sister to her regular hydrotherapy. Her regular physio is on honeymoon and she'd organised a fill in. The guy that replaced her was about 25, and was honestly the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen. This guy was really fit, I could tell since he was in his trunks. that scruffy beard thing that's in right now was made for his face. He was better looking than many A list actors, I'm not even slightly exaggerating.

I say this, because I had a weird reaction. I found it really difficult to look him in the eye while we were talking about my sister, who was the only one there for the last hour (and is disabled, non verbal). But at the same time, I also found it really difficult to not look at him. I mentioned this to my mum later and of course she immediately starts with 'well, maybe that means you're not - you know.'

But I don't think that was what it was. I don't think I was attracted to him sexually, (Or is this it? If so, I don't like it). Instead he made me uncomfortable, I was weirdly intimidated. Not in a personally safety way, but more in an emotional way. I said to my mum, it felt a bit more like seeing someone with a large disfiguring feature on their face. Has anyone had something similar happen to them before?

Thanks, you guys. You've really helped me understand what was going on. I don't know what I'd do without the support and understanding that I get from everyone here.

Is there anybody out there?
I have a question about attraction versus good looks.

But firstly, is there a reason why no one has posted here for nearly a year? Are all the cool kids over at that oother water fountain? It wouldn't surprise me, no one tells me anything these days...

Meta: Reading Girolamo Riario (Da Vinci's Demons) as on the Asexual Spectrum
Meta exploring Da Vinci's Demon's Girolamo Riario's sexual and romantic orientation. I head-canon him as somewhere on the asexual spectrum. Not necessarily completely asexual but possibly grey-asexual or demi-sexual, maybe with some sexual attraction to all genders; I also think he could be biromantic and/or demiromantic and the meta looks at various facets of his identity. For Asexual Awareness Week 2016.

Links: My professional wordpress and tumblr
Dreamwidth / Livejournal

Ace-Spectrum Awareness Week
a-spec-tacular is hosting/promoting events for ace awareness week 23 October onwards. (Click that link more for, summary follows.)

Sunday, Oct 23rd: Ace-Spec Positivity - Primarily text posts that express specific or general support/positivity for aces of any kind
Monday, Oct 24th: Ace-Spec Aesthetics - Ace-spec-related aesthetic images, preferably in the standard 3x3 format of most aesthetic posts
Tuesday, Oct 25th: Ace-Spec Character Headcanons - Any characters you headcanon as ace-spec, with a description of how & why
Wednesday, Oct 26th: Personal Intersectional Experiences - Personal stories about experiences of other marginalized identities intersecting with ace-spec identities
Thursday, Oct 27th: Ace-Spec Stories - Stories written based off of one of three provided prompts, all ace-spec-related
Friday, Oct 28th: Art Contest - Ace-spec pride art; can be feasibly anything, but must remain hand-made (any medium, including digital, is fine!) and keeping with the theme of ace-spec pride! The deadline for entries to this event will be Oct 27th
Saturday, Oct 29th: Ace-Spec Pride Selfies - see link below for more details

This link has more details about the writing prompts, art contest rules, selfie ideas, etc.

Submissions can either be sent directly to the blog, or submitted to the event’s tag: #Ace-Spectacular-Pride
Submissions to the blog must also include image descriptions for accessibility purposes.
The blog states that you’re welcome to post and submit anything up until & during the event itself, but they will not be featuring anything on the blog itself until the actual event date.

I'm planning on writing a character meta for Tuesday :)

Psychology Today Article
Found this article online today: Asexuality Is a Sexual Orientation, Not a Sexual Dysfunction

tardis explodes
I just joined the community today and thought I would say hello. I'm 31 years old. It took me some years to become aware that I am asexual and then a couple more years to become comfortable enough to own it. I'm very romantic and for years just viewed sex as a necessary evil to be in relationships with others. I never enjoyed it or initiated it, just sorta shut my mind off and went along with it. Now I will never do that again. I'm in a relationship now with a man who is sexual but knows my identity and respects it. It's funny to me in a way that it took me as long as it did to realize I am asexual, because I remember being distinctly aware when I was as young as 16 that I didn't find sex appealing at all. I remember vocalizing this to my mother and she, normally one of the most open-minded people you ever would have met, became aghast and kept insisting I'd like it when I found the right person. I remember taking her word for it at the time. I wonder if I either hadn't told her or she'd had a different reaction, if I would have been able to come to grips with it then instead of about 12 years later. Who knows? I am where I am now and that's what's important.

Hello all fanfiction readers and writers out there

I recently started a fanfiction group here on livejournal for people interested in reading or sharing asexual themed fanfiction, as I noticed the group that already exsisted wasn't active. You are all free to join!


hey, i'm new
Hello everyone, i´m so glad i found this community. I have always been kind of confused about my sexuality. I´m currently 19 years old and i've never had any sexual attraction. I used to think that i was weird and something bad was going on with me, specially now that i'm in university and my friends are getting into more 'serious' relationships, which i'm not interested about at all. So, one day i was watching some random videos in youtube (as usual) and i found a girl talking about her being asexual. At first i was shocked because the term was new to me, but as soon as she started explaining about how she felt towards others, that she doesn't has sexual attraction for others as many people do, i felt identified instantly. I looked for more information about the topic and gladly, i found this community.
I would be really happy if you can give me some feedback about books or maybe movies about the asexual community, it would be awesome!
Thanks for reading this!

The CDC apparently hasn't noticed us yet
Just saw a report today. Between 2011-2013 The CDC surveyed over 10,000 people ages 18-44 and asked questions about sexual attraction, sexual experiences and identity orientation.

The word "asexual" does not appear in the report.
The idea of not having sexual attraction to anyone doesn't appear in their report, really, either.

Their options for identity? Straight/homosexual, homosexual/gay/lesbian, bisexual and "don't know." (About 1% of their sample either answered "don't know" or did not answer that question.

There's no way for an asexual to answer that question. I "know."

Apparently they used to also offer a "something else" category but stopped in 2008 because less than 1% of people identified as "something else" and so that didn't affect their distribution of sexual identity.(

For attraction, they offered "only attracted to men," "mostly attracted to men," "equally attracted to women and men," "mostly attracted to women," "only attracted to women," and "not sure."

There's no way for an aromatic asexual to answer that question either, because I'm definitely "sure."

Here's hoping the CDC will decide to count us next time?


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