Pride parade group?
bad things are about to happen
squeakyspooky wrote in asexuality
Last year I attended Pittsburgh's pride parade- the first I've ever been to, and it was awesome- and while I'm not too surprised by it, I noticed there was no asexual group in the parade. But looking at the Pittsburgh Pride website, I noticed that there's a little online registration thing where you can enter yourself or a group into the parade as a walking contingent. This caused a little idea to pop into my head of trying to create an Asexual group to walk in the parade this year- or if not this year, then at least at some point!

However, I don't know if it's really that easy- can you really just gather a bunch of people together under a specific name and be a part of the parade? Do you need to be represented by an appropriate organization(such as AVEN or other asexual awareness organizations)? Most walking groups have banners to announce who they are- do you need one? How do you get one made? Are those expensive? How do you go about actually organizing something like this?

So many questions, haha. And now I have two more: Has anyone here ever done something like this before, or know someone who has organized or participated in walking groups for pride parades who could answer the above questions/give advice? And if something like this became a real possibility for Pittsburgh Pride and began to be planned, are there any asexy Pittsburghers who would come and be a part of it?


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