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Call for memories
batshua wrote in asexuality
I am just starting to add memories to the community, as well as to tag some entries.

Folks, if you want to help out, let me know what memories need to be added and tag any entries you feel need tagging. (Please try to keep tags consistent. You can see which tags are in use by going to this page. That said, if you think a tag sucks, you can always check all entries tagged thusly and either mention it in a tagging-related post, or you can just make a new tag.)

What needs to be tagged, as well as possibly added to memories: Any entry that asks a new question and has good discussion or has an especially good answer to and old question. Also, and entries that have especially good explanations of asexuality or a particular kind of asexuality.

What does NOT need to be tagged: Every single entry, regardless of content, as well as introductory posts that don't pose any questions. Unless you're going to tag introductory posts under "introductions" or something, but I don't see any point in doing that.

I've added the asexuality color bars to tags and memories in addition to the recent icons. Anything else you want to be able to find easily?

Do you have any asexuality posts stored in YOUR memories that you think other members might benefit from? Lemme know!

My ultimate goal here is to have:

1) A FAQ page or two linked from the community info page, supplemented by
2) Memories of posts written by various members about how they feel about asexuality in general, or a specific aspect of it
3) A way to find that post about that thing and the stuff that was posted a while back.
4) A way to find similar, related posts when you want to read more about something, like say how people are handling relationships in which one partner is asexual and the other is not.

P.S. If folks are seriously interested in this, we could make it a project and have people read, say, a whole month of entries (or half a month) from the archive and submit suggestions for memories and tag stuff.

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sounds like a cool idea. my question is... what do you mean by 'tagging'? What is it, and how does one do it? How do we access what has already been tagged? If we do end up making a project out of it, I'll be glad to take a few weeks!

An explanation of tags can be found here:

Community-specific tagging concerns are here:

Current tags for this community are here:

I hope that helps. If not, I'll try to explain in my own words later today.

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