Lady Lazarus (cagedwriter61) wrote in asexuality,
Lady Lazarus

Cultural Hypersexualization

I strongly and deeply feel that hypersexualization is a legitimate problem in American culture, and it's probably safe to say the same for most of the Western world. I've recently read comments on LiveJournal and elsewhere online from people say that America is too prudish. This baffles me. Out of all the countries in the entire world, America spends the most money on pornography. We incorporate sex into anything and everything -- movies, books, TV shows, commercials, plays, magazines, college life, social standing, work, etc. I've probably seen more of this disturbing hypersexualization online than anywhere else, but perhaps that's due to how much time I spend online.... But honestly, it's a mindset. The general populace is brought up from childhood to think with a sexually conditioned brain. I personally do not have such a brain, which may or may not be linked directly to my asexuality. Where swarms of other people see "erotic undertones" or "subtext" (which is a term and concept I have come to loathe), I see nothing. I only recognize what is blatant. Thus far, I have believed that these other people are seriously screwed up in their thinking to see sex as often and as in as many things as they do, but maybe I'm the one not perceiving properly?

Anyway -- my question is, how many of you agree that America and/or the Western World is currently a culture of hypersexualization? If you do think so, does it bother you? And most importantly -- do you think there's any hope of it reversing?

I know we've had a bunch of posts here in the last week or so about too many of us in this community bitching, but this profoundly bothers me, on an almost daily basis now. I'm just curious about other asexuals' opinions.

PS: What is your view on slash in fandom? As a friendship purist and individual who is severely adverse to hypersexualization, it constantly bothers me, since I'm involved so much on internet things, many of them being fandom related, and I'm bombarded with it constantly. I see it as another form of this cultural mindset that the majority of people fall into, and it's sheer excess online is mind boggling to me. Most people I've encountered are actively pro-slash, and I've mostly come up against total opposition with my uncommon defense of pure friendship. It just struck me that perhaps I'd find a bit more open-mindedness/understanding here.

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