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I've just created this community because I saw a gap which needed filling. The asexuals community is a good place for celibate people to discuss the difficulty of living in a society which continually pushes sexual images into our faces, but as such it is usually full of posts attacking sexual activities of others.

Personally I am sex positive, I think people should have as much or as little sex as they like with whoever they're attracted to. As long as sex is consentual I think it's a positive pleasurable thing and that people should be allowed to enjoy it if they wish to. Sex doesn't have to have meaning if those involved decide it doesn't. I'm not against sex as 'casual' or 'trivial'.

But I am asexual. I have no sex drive worth speaking of. My attractions to people are purely emotional or aesthetic. I'm involved in the bisexual and queer communities because I believe in loving (or if people like, sexual) relationships between people, regardless of sex, gender or any other boundary. If all parties consent and it makes them happy then I'm all for it.

Being asexual I sometimes feel like something of a 'space alien' when I deal with other people. Most sexual people are motivated to do things by their sexuality, I don't have those motivations. Most people assume that everyone is sexual. In such a sexual society in some ways I'm slightly removed from the mainstream. Sometimes I feel like an observer. Sometimes sexual content completely surprises me -- I'm always amazed to hear how so much internet traffic is devoted to pornography. I knew porn was there but I didn't imagine quite so many people were looking at it.

This community is here to discuss those sorts of feelings and issues.

I don't believe that sex need be a part of loving committed relationships. I don't believe that people need to be sexually attracted to each other to have a 'real' romance. Relationship related posts are also encouraged.

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