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Asexual Flag - The more inclusive take at it
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neth_dugan wrote in asexuality
Hello, and welcome to the the new discussion thread for an Asexual Flag. The AVEN version one is being held here. (Old thread: here, Voting: here though both are on AVEN)

There is also a poll/survey about the want and general ideas for a flag being done HERE that's worth taking. It isn't on AVEN so you don't need an account there, or anywhere really.

The goal of this post is to collect opinions based on what the asexual flag should actually look like. (ie, what is important to have in an ace pride flag.) We are trying to decide things like what symbols to use, what colors are best, and make other small decisions before re-starting the voting process. This post is also open to any new flag submissions people come up with, but there are a few guidelines that we would prefer these new flags to adhere to. If you are viewing this thread as someone who is not a member of AVEN, feel free to create an account or ask a friend to post your idea.  You're also welcome to talk about it here if you'd prefer, I'll link this post on there so members can view any discussion on here.

We are currently working on spreading the word about a flag to non-English speaking communities. If you are fluent, or near-fluent, in another language, we would very much appreciate any assistance you could provide in getting the message out there about this project!

Discussion Topics:
- What symbols do we want to use? (Ace triangle, ring, spade, etc?)
- Establishing definitions of current symbols
- What specific types of flags does the community prefer?

Submission Guidelines:
- Stay away from flags that look like they may belong to a country. (Ex. No tricolor vertical stripes)
- Stay away from gradients.
- Suggested color scheme: white, grey, black, purple
- Keep the flags relatively simple (not busy with images/symbols)

Starting with this thread, we will no longer be accepting any flags that don't meet the above guidelines. This is in order to keep the next polling process simpler, with more refined designs. Spend time on your submission.

Thread End Date:
Saturday, July 24th

The Plan:
On Sunday, July 11, I will be recording the results from the first round of flag voting. After that, voting will be temporarily put on hold until we can gather more submissions and input from more people, including those that are not active on AVEN or who speak other languages.

Voting will re-commence on Sunday, July 25th as a continuation of the first round with the addition of recent submissions. A week will be assigned for each voting round. The current number of rounds is currently unknown, as I'm not sure how many submissions will be added, but ideally there should only be two more.

Translation Volunteers: (So far, only AVENites)
Pugnacioun - Spanish and French
you*hear*but*do*you*listen - Spanish and Korean

Spreading the Word: (these links may change as specific posts for Discussion 2.0 may be put up as in here)
Topic on the A-sylum
Topic on Apositive
Discussion on Pugnacioun's blog
Topic on Dreamwidth
Post on fuckyeahaces

If you know of any Asexual communities that are not listed above, please spread the news and give me a link to where your post is (even if it's not in English!)

I think it'd be a good idea if people at least look at the discussions being held on different forums, though it's going to be hard having a central hub, which is basically AVEN, that doesn't dominate too much. Between here and DW at least there is OpenID and that can be used, but that doesn't work so well on forums/boards. Still, good idea I think to try and look in and talk in multiple places including AVEN (which is basically the natural hub) and others.

But if you want anything posted there, but don't have an account and don't want one put in a comment and let me know and I'll re-post it. If you want?

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If you have any submissions you would like to send in, you can use this e-mail:


I've posted about this on the deviantART asexuality group, Club-of-Aces: http://club-of-aces.deviantart.com/blog/33505198/

Cool! I can link to that post in the AVEN forum and they can stick it at the top of the topic if you want me to? Though there's somebody there (maybe you?) who has a graphic from their in their siggy who I'm suprised hasn't done so already.

But cool and thanks!

Adding it to the topic would be great, thanks! :) And yeah, that was probably me with the graphic in my sig; I would've posted about it on AVEN, but I was already going to post the link here and I didn't want to cause any confusion by posting it in two different places. Thanks again!

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