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Looking for Volunteers to Help Start Asexual News Site

I have wanted to start more stable forms of Asexual media for a long time. I'm fine with AVEN, and the Video blogs on Youtube, but I would like Asexuals to have a more cohesive web presence. To that end, I've decided to start a site for news, commentary, etc.
Right now, I am trying to get the Joomla system set up to my satisfaction, including getting rid of some templates. Initially, I was going to invite a few authors to contribute content, but I have decided to go for the more open option.

Where Can I Check It Out?

I will be buying a domain for the site that makes more sense in a few days. The above domain is already linked to my HostGator account. Essentially, you would be Citizen Journalists.

What Are You Looking For
  • Writers
  • People Experienced With Joomla 
  • Editors 
  • Video Bloggers
  • Administrators (My technowizard skills have faded.)
How Do I Sign Up?

At the moment, this is still in the planning stages. Simply create an account and then e-mail me with what you want to do.   If you are a writer, I'd like to see a writing sample, but this is not necessary at this time.  Although I will not link to anyone under 18 on my column, I do think the teen asexual perspective is an important one.  Parental permission is required, however. 

You do not need to know about AP style and I will help, although not necessarily patiently, if you want to learn writing styles for the web.  The basics of inverted pyramid style are not hard to grasp either.  Objectivity is useful, but most news sites geared towards a specific group do display some level of activism.

Why Would I Want to Sign Up?

It may seem strange, but I did not pitch the Asexual column to for money.  I earn very little for doing it and would do it for free. As a writer, I certainly believe writers should get paid.  Until I realistically know what kind of traffic the site can expect, I will be doing this for free. I have it hosted on web space I intend to use for a different commercial purpose.  You would be a volunteer to start.  However, if you are a student or someone looking to build a writing career, you could use this to build a portfolio. (I also know many asexual bloggers are opposed to the use of ads.) 

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