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Call For Participation: A Carnival of Aces
sciatrix wrote in asexuality
So over in the blogosphere there was a bit of discussion about getting more people to write interesting things about asexuality. And out of it came the idea: blog carnival! (A blog carnival is an event where the host announces a topic to write about, people submit posts on that topic over the course of a time period, and then the host collects them all together in a round-up post at the end. Then someone else hosts the carnival for a bit.)

Anyway, hopefully this is going to be a monthly blog carnival. I've already got two people who have volunteered to host new installments so I think it will actually move forward after this month, but it would help to get submissions! You also don't have to have a blog to participate. If you don't have a blog and want to join in, I'm hosting guest posts on my blog.

The theme for this month (with submissions due May 1st because, after all, March is kind of already over) is coming out. There are extra ideas for what to write about, if anyone is interested, on the Call for Submissions post. Actually, there's a lot more information there. You can submit any responses by commenting with the URL to the post linked there.

I'm really hoping this takes off, because I really want to see what everyone has to say. I'm looking forward to May!