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You guys. YOU GUYS.
doctor who-four-halo thar
spoofmaster wrote in asexuality
Watch this clip from an upcoming episode of House. No, seriously, go watch it right now. I'll wait.


So this episode is going to make me either very happy or very angry, depending on how they handle it. shinydinosaur found this via house_wilson.

Excuse me while I go flail for a while.

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'Scuse me while I go listen to Wilson's first two sentences on repeat for all eternity.

I might have squee'd out loud when he said those lines <3 Wilson is amazing xD

Hm... I haven't watched this show for years, is it allowed to show House being wrong once in a while? 'Cause while this looks commendable so far (apart from making Wilson look like he deserves to have his medical license revoked for breaching doctor-patient-confidality over a *bet*), it could really backfire if House actually does find a physical reason for this woman's disinterest in sex.

Fairly sure I've seen way worse things on this show that would deserve a revoked medical license. House has been wrong before, and patients have stood up to him, although I honestly couldn't pinpoint an example right now (could be that I'm too happy-distracted and it's nearly 1:30am).

That's also my biggest fear, is that they'll make it out like LOL SHE'S ACTUALLY SICK/CHEATING/ETC. :|

This will be SO amazing IF there isn't a medical reason for it.

We get enough "Oh, you just need to see a doctor/therapist/whatever!" as it is.

I really hope they do the right thing. And don't do what they ended up doing to intersex people. :/

I friggin' love House, but the episode where a girl was found to have an intersex condition really made me want to hurl. :(

what did they say in that episode? ._.

You're completely right - this has the potential to go really well, or really badly. I may even watch this episode of House, after giving up for good after the whole House-Car-Crashing-into-Cuddy's-house disaster. Sadly that incident and most of the 7th season made me lose the last of my respect for House as a character. So I'll have to be cynical and say I don't think it's gonna end well.

I also haven't watched House for ages, but at least there's Wilson with his great two lines. Because even though they ruin it in the end, I have hopes that Wilson is at least not very happy about it (except there was some LIFE THREATENING DISEASE that got LUCKILY DETECTED by House's suspicions).

Is it wrong that I honestly would have preferred it if Wilson's reaction to being offered that bet was, "Hell no, leave their sexual orientation alone"?

It'd be the better reaction, but given House's passive-aggressiveness, privacy would probably be more invaded if he said no because House would do it on the sly. Of course, if Wilson really didn't want to go into it he shouldn't have brought it up at all, but then we wouldn't have it as a subplot to begin with.

This might be the only episode of House that I ever watch*. Where and when does it show? Hulu? I want to see what happens with this. You've got the nail on the head with "could end really well or really badly", and I-the-optimist wants to believe they'd get it right, but I-the-realist am apprehensive and unsure, because yeah.

*not a reflection on the show, just on me: I don't watch TV shows

It *should* be streaming on (the parent network site) eight days after airing, and Hulu should get them a little while after that. And I'm really more of a lurker at this comm, but if this indeed deals so much with asexuality (it was the focus of promo #3, even) would I be able to make a post with (legal) viewing links and opportunity for the comm to discuss the episode's treatment of asexuality? Or is that a bit too much for here? I really don't know and I want to be within the limits of the comm if I did something like that.

Ahhh! I haven't seen most of this season but I'll watch this for sure! I'm just hoping that they do a good job and that it doesn't turn out to be medical in reason. Based on my past House viewing, I feel it's not likely to turn out as a medical cause. *crosses fingers*

YES! I totally love it... my heart skipped a beat hearing that first line. I am totally wanting to watch that episode NOW!


I don't want to say anything too spoilery because not everyone has been able to see it yet, but it just finished airing in my time zone.

So I'll content myself for now with "bleh." Not an unexpected "bleh" but "bleh" none-the-less.

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