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Fundraiser for Asexual Panelists attending Creating Change conference
swankivy wrote in asexuality
Hi everyone! If you haven't heard yet, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's giant queer-issues conference, Creating Change, is happening in Atlanta, Georgia in January . . . and asexuality will be represented among the panels.

We're sending a small group of experienced speakers to the conference, and we'll have a couple panels addressing asexuality, allowing us to reach the larger queer community and its organizers. It's a really huge step in our visibility work, and you can help.

The panelists--myself included--could use a little help covering our hotel fees and the costs of printing our handouts/brochures. Here is our fundraiser on Indiegogo where you can donate, and there are rewards for certain dollar amounts. On Day 1 we're already more than halfway to our goal, so it looks like it's going to happen. Here is our promo video as well:

If you can't spare a donation, you can still help by posting our fundraising link to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or wherever you socialize. Our presence at the conference is going to be a great opportunity to educate, and we'll also be able to learn some valuable lessons taught by a diverse group of organizers, which should lead to greater visibility and increased resources for us. Thanks for checking it out!


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