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Rose and Bay Awards
ysabetwordsmith wrote in asexuality
Nominations are currently OPEN for the 2013 Rose & Bay Awards. This award recognizes excellence in crowdfunded material.

Art: ysabetwordsmith Nominate art! (0 nominees)
Fiction: ysabetwordsmith Nominate fiction! (4 nominees)
Poetry: moonwolf1988 Nominate poetry! (2 nominees)
Webcomic: ysabetwordsmith Nominate webcomics! (5 nominees)
Other Project: ysabetwordsmith Nominate other projects! (0 nominees)
Patron: moonwolf1988 Nominate patrons! (4 nominees)

Eligibility period: January 1, 2012-December 31, 2012
Nomination period: January 1, 2013-January 31, 2013
Voting period: February 1, 2013-February 28, 2013

One of the awesome things about the crowdfunding business model is that it breaks the stranglehold of mainstream publishing. This encourages people to create and sponsor material about under-represented identities. What stories, poems, webcomics, etc. about asexual characters did you enjoy last year? Who posted prompt calls where you could ask for some aces? If you're a creator yourself, which of your patrons did the most to support your portrayals of asexuality?

Please drop by to nominate your favorite crowdfunded projects from 2013. Post about the award in any relevant venue to help alert more people.


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