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Asexuality in Dear Abby!
Sarah SJA
dbskyler wrote in asexuality
Today's "Dear Abby" column includes a question from an ace college student, and a response that directs the student to AVEN! It's the third one down:

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(ahem). I think this is fantastic: mentioning asexuality in such a casual and normalizing way, in a column that appears in many major newspapers around the world. I hope that gives people the right impression - "it ain't no thing, I'm just ace". Good for her!

I know! It's all "That's a perfectly normal question; here's a perfectly normal answer. And by the way, here's a website for connecting with other perfectly normal people who are also asexual."

The fact that the website also just happens to be a great starting point for curious members of the public who hadn't heard of asexuality before? Well, that's just cake. ; )

This is awesome...I love seeing it approached so easily and without judgement!!

Wonderful, I'm glad some people have chosen to take the "of course this exists, what, you didn't know that? Okay, well if you didn't, now you know!" kind of path. :)

This. It's great to see it treated as common and ordinary and, well, normal.

That has made my day.

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