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So I was thinking....
linwenolatari wrote in asexuality
I like reading and lately they've covered some serious topics like (5 Unexpected Things I Learned from Being a Heroin Addict  Read more: or( 5 Shocking Realities of Being Transgender the Media Ignores

Read more: ) and I got to thinking if maybe someone could write one for asexuality?

Even though Cracked is a comedy site, these articles are not laugh-out loud funny, more like light-hearted, but very informational.
I don't feel like I would be able to write something like that, but maybe someone can?

Just a thought.

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Whoever does it should make #1 be "Yes, some asexuals masturbate" - that would blow the minds of so many sexuals that the link would go viral instantly.

Good point, bart!

I think another point should be that some asexuals want to be married and have children, despite their inability to experience sexual attraction.

I would seriously consider doing it. I read Cracked every day (it's like a little addiction) and I once signed up for access to their writers' boards. I never could think of an idea for an article, though. Now you have me thinking. I think I'd put it under a pseudonym, but yeah. Cracked has a huge audience and it could reach a lot of people.

I'd like to see the article tackle the Puritan Lifestyle myth. I'm asexual not celibate and I hate the way asexuality gets lumped in with people who'd be celibate even if they weren't asexual - you know, the "I'm a teetotal vegan and I hate pets and I think tattoos & piercings are evil and masturbation is a sin! Purity rules!".

Also, especially in the context of characters who can be read as asexual like the Doctor (Dr Who) and Sherlock, asexuals are not all sociopaths or psychopaths (though to be honest those words don't mean what Steven Moffat thinks they mean). Characters like these add to the harmful stereotype that asexuals are "inhuman" and "unable to love"/"doesn't have feelings". I'd like to see that addressed.

Very well put - I'd like to see that "inhuman" stereotype addressed too.

Hmm, my last reply was marked as spam - no idea why, maybe because I linked to another website? I'll try again without the link:

That would indeed be very cool to have an article like that! Another site which it would be great to have an article on is xojane.

I feel like I should not be lazy and try and write an article myself, it's such a good idea - but I fear I won't know how to craft a good article that gets all the points across, but is also fun - I hope someone else who would be better at it gives it a go, because that would be awesome!

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