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Ace-Spectrum Awareness Week
meridian_rose wrote in asexuality
a-spec-tacular is hosting/promoting events for ace awareness week 23 October onwards. (Click that link more for, summary follows.)

Sunday, Oct 23rd: Ace-Spec Positivity - Primarily text posts that express specific or general support/positivity for aces of any kind
Monday, Oct 24th: Ace-Spec Aesthetics - Ace-spec-related aesthetic images, preferably in the standard 3x3 format of most aesthetic posts
Tuesday, Oct 25th: Ace-Spec Character Headcanons - Any characters you headcanon as ace-spec, with a description of how & why
Wednesday, Oct 26th: Personal Intersectional Experiences - Personal stories about experiences of other marginalized identities intersecting with ace-spec identities
Thursday, Oct 27th: Ace-Spec Stories - Stories written based off of one of three provided prompts, all ace-spec-related
Friday, Oct 28th: Art Contest - Ace-spec pride art; can be feasibly anything, but must remain hand-made (any medium, including digital, is fine!) and keeping with the theme of ace-spec pride! The deadline for entries to this event will be Oct 27th
Saturday, Oct 29th: Ace-Spec Pride Selfies - see link below for more details

This link has more details about the writing prompts, art contest rules, selfie ideas, etc.

Submissions can either be sent directly to the blog, or submitted to the event’s tag: #Ace-Spectacular-Pride
Submissions to the blog must also include image descriptions for accessibility purposes.
The blog states that you’re welcome to post and submit anything up until & during the event itself, but they will not be featuring anything on the blog itself until the actual event date.

I'm planning on writing a character meta for Tuesday :)

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What a great idea! Thank you for sharing this :)

You're welcome! I hadn't seen any ace week stuff on LJ or DW so I thought I'd promote this. Here's hoping we can get some more ace-related conversation and original/fanworks for it :D

I think LJ has gotten very quiet in general. And I didn't even know there was an ace-week :D

Thank you for sharing this!

You're welcome! I hope we get some great participation.

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