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Is there anybody out there?
chanel_5 wrote in asexuality
I have a question about attraction versus good looks.

But firstly, is there a reason why no one has posted here for nearly a year? Are all the cool kids over at that oother water fountain? It wouldn't surprise me, no one tells me anything these days...

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Hello there!

I think LiveJournal is probably dying. Too many other social networks out there, especially tumblr (*gags*) took many user away and with LJ now being in russian hands, many ppl probably feel unsafe here.

But I see you and I'm ready to hear your question xD

I'm still very active on LJ (also active on DW) and I read every post in this comm...I just don't have a comment every time.

So, what's your question?

I'm still here, but only because another of the groups I'm hasn't/won't transfer elsewhere because the group owner has been absent for the past several years and nobody else has the power or authority to transfer the archives to Dreamwidth.

So anyway, I'm hanging around for now.

I've noticed a decline here, definitely, but this is the only community I'm involved with that isn't directly related to fanfic and people mostly stopped posting fanfic here a few years ago. I've never used dreamwidth though a couple of the still active fanfic groups duplicate posts to both sites. I'm wondering if there's any sense in moving or starting a group on facebook, though I'm sure there are stacks of groups there already. I think what puts me off joining a facebook group is the somewhat unrealistic idea that I have an online identity here, yet am still anonymous, you know what I mean?

i'm quite happy to add anyone as an admin so they can do what they need to do.

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