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I have a query I need help with. So I feel sexual attraction, however I really would prefer a relationship that is just as close as a sexual relationship, but not really with sex? Basically what I'm trying to say is that I would have to be in a relationship with someone for a long ass time to then be okay with doing anything too sexual. I don't think that is asexual and I don't know why I feel the need to label myself something, but it's incredibly awkward when I like someone but then have to push them away because I know that would put them off? I really hope this makes sense.

What should I say?
I need advice on something. I have been thinking that I might be asexual or even greysexual. Sex is not really something i think about, but that is not the issue. There are two people in my life that i spend a large amount of time with. They have both asked me if  I think I will ever want to have sex with someone at some point because right now i am still a virgin. I told both of them no i did not think i ever would because it is not something that i want to do. They both looked at me like i am crazy. Now they have a tendency of bringing up how i am going to have sex and turn into a "freak". They then proceed to describe every graphic sexual act that they apparently can imagine my "future freak" self enjoying. The terms "gagging on it" and calling my partner daddy are some of their tamer "prediction". I try to laugh it off, but it makes me very uncomfortable. I know if i say anything one of them will just tell me that they are joking and not to get so buthurt about everything. What am I supposed to do?
I'm sorry if part of this was a little non PG.

Help Support the Asexuality San Francisco Ace UnConference and Pride Parade!
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Nice article from Free Thought Blogs

If there’s one essential factor in the queer experience, it’s this: we have all experienced our sexual/romantic attractions (or absence of such) and/or our gender identities in non-normative ways, and we have all experienced exclusion because of that. Both of those factors manifest in vastly different ways, of course, but they’re always there.

If we define our communities by that, then we give ourselves the chance to get the hell away from privileging one kind of experience, group and voice above others.

i have a friend who always tells me that im asexual, but i dont think so.. i am 31 and still a virgin and im not obsessed with sex like most people. im waiting for marriage, so maybe thats a type of asexuality..?
anyway i wrote a song about my lack of sex.. im attaching the link:

When things get a little uncomfortable...
The other day at work, I walked into a conversation about breakup reactions, and since I've never dated, I didn't give my input, which made me feel slightly uncomfortable.
Not because I've never dated, but because I had nothing to say; good thing nobody asked my opinion/experience, or that would have left me in a vulnerable position.
I'm past the age where I can say "I haven't dated" without getting some weird looks.

Just wanted to post that.

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Thought I'd de-lurk myself. I have only recently figured out that I'm Asexual, but I have tried in the past I dated one guy in highschool, he dumped me because I wouldn't put out and didn't act like I was dating him, it took years for me to figure out that I just really can't have romantic feelings for people, much less sexual desires. Thankfully I have friends that understand what Asexuality is, even if someone of them still tell me they don't get it, or can't wrap their heads around it 'How could I never want to ahve sex or date?' It's still hard for me to explain it, especially to my guy friends that I met because they tried to ask me out.

But my main problem now is how to tell my mom.Read more...Collapse )I'm her only daughter and for years she's been bothering me about boyfriends, and having babies and the like, something I don't think will ever happen. I'd love to raise children, but it's near impossible for a single woman to adopt so it'll likely never happen, I can't have babies naturally either due to health risks and the fact that I'm not willing to ahve anything stuck up there if you knwo what I mean. When I was younger and confused I tried to come out to my mom about possibly being BI and she flipped, freaking out that she'd never have grand kids and that I wasn't 'normal' I'm scared that if I tell ger I'm asexual she'll have a heart attack. But if I don't tell her she'll continuously try to force me into relationships and I don't know what to do.

Anyone else on ehre have trouble telling their parents, or have any people tried? I'd love to hear stories.

Cracked Article
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I thought I'd share this with y'all.

6 Weird Ways the World Looks Different When You're Asexual by Robert Evans, Julianna, Andy H.

Came out, sort of
As a friend again stressed how I needed to find a man, I said how totally asexual I feel. First time I'd ever said that to anyone in the non-virtual world. She didn't respond particularily well, as though I wasn't one of her gang, or not as much as she thought...... just wanted to share that....

Asexuality Explained In An Easy To Understand Comic
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