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asexuality's Journal

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About this community

Welcome to asexuality! Have some cake.

This is a community for asexual people to discuss living without sexuality. We welcome anyone with no or very little sexual attraction to others, people with low or no libido, and their allies.

Those in romantic or emotional relationships or wishing to discuss the issues involved in asexual relationships are welcome to bring their input to this forum, as are those asexuals who are comfortably single.

Before you ask a question, you might want to check the FAQs. However, you're welcome to start discussions on similar topics.

About Asexuality — A very general introduction to asexuality.
General FAQ — This covers questions such as "Am I asexual?"
FAQ for Parents of Asexuals — A great introduction to the concept of asexuality for total beginners.
Relationship FAQ — A discussion of many questions related to asexuality and relationships.

Library: http://asexualove.net/library/index.html

This community is not anti-sexuality or anti-people-who-have-sex, it is simply populated by people with little or no sexual drive of their own.

Those with sexualities wishing to discuss abstinence from sexual activity (celibacy) may also wish to look at the asexuals community.

This community is currently on moderated membership. It is our goal to maintain this community as a safe space for all to express themselves without fear of being condemned or dismissed. This means we may put your application in a waiting pile while we try to figure out how to balance the idea of an open and welcoming community with the need for it to be a safe space. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand.

Maintainers: green_elf, batshua

Rules of the Caribbean

We're pretty laid back here, so we don't have much in the way of "Rules", exactly, although there are some guidelines you may wish to try to follow for the smoothest asexuality experience.

Please note that criticism of the sexuality of others is not permitted on this forum. This community was not created to attack the lifestyles of others but to discuss the experience of being or living asexual. This includes the excessive emphasis on the viewpoint that asexuals are somehow "better" than sexuals because they aren't having sex. That's not to say we can't talk about how our lives may or may not be richer because we may not have this particular aspect acting as a distraction, but the implication of "better" instead of "different" tends to generate bad blood, and that's not what we're about.

Our proposed tagging and memories policy is found here.

When making any post that might benefit from a tag, please check the tags already in use.

Our newest "policy" is Squick Cuts. Some of our members really would prefer never to talk about or think about sex. You may not be one of them. You are welcome to talk about past, current, or future sexual experience in this community. However, if you're going to mention it in any level of detail, please be considerate and use a cut tag.

If you don't know how to do a cut tag, here's how:

How to LJ-Cut with the Rich Text Editor
1. Type your LiveJournal entry into the rich text editor. Highlight the content you want to cut and click the LJ-cut button in the toolbar. The button looks like lines of text with a jagged horizontal line underneath it, and is located between the "Insert Poll" and "Insert Table" buttons.
2. Type your desired cut text (the text used for the link to view the rest of your entry) into the box that pops up. Click "Okay."
3. Check your entry in the rich text editor. The text you want behind the LJ-cut should have a gray background. If it does not, switch to the HTML editor and follow the instructions below.

How to LJ-Cut with HTML
1. Using LiveJournal's basic HTML editor, insert the code < lj-cut > immediately before the content you want cut. This will display a link saying "Read More" in place of the text inside the LJ-cut tags.
2. Insert the code </ lj-cut > at the end of the post, or before whatever final text you want outside of the cut.
3. Use the code < lj-cut text="Your Desired Text" > instead of just < lj-cut > to change the text of the LJ-cut. Replace "Your Desired Text" with any text you like. You cannot use HTML (such as bold or strikethrough text) inside an LJ-cut tag.

In order to make these directions show up with the codes in the info page, we had to add spaces to the beginning and end of the code. You need to use the codes without those spaces or it won't work.

(This set of directions is blatantly stolen from eHow.com)

If you crosspost someone else's private post out of this community without the original poster's explicit permission, you will be banned.

Most of our "policies" boil down to two great aphorisms:

Don't be a dick.
Be excellent to each other.

As Hillel would say, all the rest is commentary.

How to contact a moderator

If you're seeing spam, or there's a flamewar, or some other sort of hell is breaking loose, please contact us. The moderators are real people with real lives, so if we don't get back to you immediately, please be patient and do not feed the trolls. We will try to deal with any situation as quickly as possible. Keep in mind some days that may take hours. We're not always online, but we will do the best we can.

green_elf's email: Rosscollins1981@hotmail.co.uk
batshua has strong preference for LJ messaging. Please contact her here.

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