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Documentary series casting for asexual people in relationships

Hey y'all, I'm in touch with a casting director who's looking to do a few shows on atypical relationships and they would like to feature asexuality. I've spoken to the talent scout on the phone and I'm confident he isn't doing this in an exploitative way.

They are looking for couples in committed relationships who would be willing to be filmed. I'm not in a relationship so I can't participate, but the guy I'm talking to knows I have a lot of contacts in the asexual community. People with the following attributes are what he's looking for:

  • Asexual person married or in committed relationship with non-asexual person
  • Or married asexual couples
  • Between the ages of 25 and 45
  • United States couples only

The casting director says it is for an episodic documentary style series that is intended to educate an audience on "who asexuals are and how a marriage/partnership might work."

Please reply to this or send me a private message if you're interested or know someone who is, and I can give you the information to get in touch.
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Brussel sprouts, corn, and sex... an asexual perspective

As an aromantic ace, I really don't get asexuals who date, but to each their own. As Wash said in Firefly, "some people juggle geese."

I saw a story posted about an asexual girl in a relationship with a sexual guy and some of the responses to the post made me sad. Most people seemed genuinely confused about the existence of asexuality. Several suggested that it could be cured.

One said: "Why would anyone not wanna have sex??!!!"

My internal red man/blue man have been having an interview to answer that question. (In my head, it's me and Stephen Colbert. Don't ask why.)

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Asexual Relationships

My new article "Asexual Relationships" is published in Good Vibrations today. Read about aromantic relationships, asexual/asexual relationships, and mixed-sexuality relationships in the context of asexuality. You might get some helpful tips.

Please do note that Good Vibes is a sex-positive site and they tend to have a lot of explicit article titles and advertisements for sex toys in the sidebars, so if you object to that (or want to view the article in a place where having that on your screen would be inappropriate), please keep this warning in mind.

Can Asexuals Have Long-Term Relationships?

I was asked to guest vlog for The Sexual Futurist on the topic of whether asexual people have long-term relationships. Please check it out if you're interested!

Please note that the comments so far appear to just be some MRA guy claiming that women are out to trap men in sexless marriages after they've already secured "indentured servitude" from them.